Superior quality and price competitiveness

With abundant resources of quality suppliers, we can choose the most specialized suppliers according to different customers and product requirements, with both cost advantages and excellent quality performance.


Fast product development capability with our engineering team

We are not just a trader. Our engineering team with 20 engineers and technicians proactively participate in project development to provide technical support, establish efficient and professional communication between customers and suppliers, greatly reducing the cost and lead time for new project development.


Supplier Quality Management

With many years of experience working with global leading customers in various industries, we provide effective quality audits(VDA6.3, IATF16949, ISO9001) and improvements to suppliers to meet customer's requirements, follow APQP - PPAP process for new product development, problem solving in the form of 8D reports, and continuously help suppliers to improve their process control capabilities and quality performance. 


Advanced laboratory of our own

Our own laboratory equipped with advanced equipment from Zeiss, Olympus and Mitutoyo, with comprehensive product measuring and testing capabilities. We also established cooperation with third-party testing facilities to monitor product quality in all aspects.


Rapid on-site response

We have set up on-site quality inspectors at our major suppliers to monitor quality performance and production status in real time on a daily basis. Our team can be onsite in the factory within 12 hours after an issue has been identified and begin finding a solution. 


North America Sales Team and Warehouse

CMT's North American marketing sales team reaches out to various industries to obtain diverse product RFQs, providing suppliers with plenty of quotation opportunities and after-sales service in the market. Safety stock is established in our own warehouse in North America which greatly reduces delivery risk.



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